Beta Programme

Thank you for your interest in participating in CODA’s Beta Program for System Optimiser. It is important for CODA that you are comfortable with the terms of the beta, which are stated below - there aren’t many.

All we ask is that by using this software, you are agreeing that you will:

  • Understand that this project is unfinished – it is an active beta.

  • Actively use and evaluate the software.

  • Provide the types of feedback requested and respond to questions.

  • Give CODA all rights to use any feedback you submit.

We are interested on how the application performs on different operating systems, so when providing feedback, please be sure to include screenshots and please notify us of your hardware specification & operating system.

Please note that we are trying very hard to create our ‘own’ software with our ‘own’ workflow and fingerprint, as such we would like to state that we are not trying to copy or mimic software from other manufacturers, so please understand that we don’t want to receive lists of similarities and differences to other pieces of software on the market.

Thank you! We look forward to your participation!

For questions, feedback or comments, please… Contact the System Optimiser Team