User Input

Data Entry

Data Entry boxes are standardised throughout System Optimiser, and look like this:

Data Entry Box.

Clicking the mouse inside the box and scrolling will increase or decrease the value within. Clicking the ‘Units’ selector on the right-hand side of the Data Entry box will display any applicable units which can be used for entering data. This will not change any units globally, as this must be done through the Application Settings.

Data Entry Box - Changing Units.
Tick & Cross

Clicking a green ‘tick’ is used to confirm an action. Clicking a red ‘Cross’ is used to discard any changed made, or cancel an action.

Tick. Cross.
Edit Pencil

A green ‘Edit Pencil’ is used to edit the parameters of a controller, for example, a Standard Vertical Array Controller.

Edit Pencil.

A red ‘trash bin’ is used to delete an item from a list, for example, a point within a Free Plane.

Trash Bin.

Green ‘Crosshairs’ are used for positioning objects, such as Microphones. First, click the ‘Crosshairs’ for the object you wish to place, then click again in the 3D View to place the object.

Crosshairs/Set Target or Position.