Source Templates

The arrangement tool is very powerful. It allows for different array placement strategies with one source controller. The only issue with this, however, is that it is often desirable for different entities within this arrangement strategy to comprise of different loudspeakers / settings / acoustical variants / horizontal angle / site angle / number of boxes etc… The templates contain the loudspeaker(s) that are placed at the locations along the placement path. Multiple templates can exist, to allow different loudspeaker configurations at different locations along this path.

Templates are manipulated via a Source Controller.

Default Template

By default, there is only one template, named ‘Default’. This default template contains the parameters of the array that are placed at every location along the layout path. This default template cannot be deleted, for a template must always exist within the controller.

Create New Template

To create a new template, click the ‘Template’ dropdown and choose ‘Create new Template’. This will create a new template, whilst still preserving the default template. To navigate between the templates, click the ‘Template’ drop-down and reselect the entity to be edited.

Copy Template

To copy an existing template, potentially to reuse the data already contained within, but with a slight modification, click the copy template button to the right of the ‘Name’ textfield. A copy will be created of the template currently selected, with the name ‘Copy of XX’ where ‘XX’ = the name of the template that was copied.

Delete Template

To delete the selected template, click the red ‘trash bin’ to the right of the template drop-down list. The default template cannot be deleted. If the template is in use within the stack layout table, the entity that was using the template that was deleted will be reset to the Default template.


A helpful name should be entered here to allow for easy recognition of the template within the hang/stack layout table below.