Layer Manager (Panel)

Layer Manager Panel.

The Layer Manager organises all room geometry within a system design file.

Creating Layers

Layers are added using the first three buttons in the Layer Manager’s top bar. From left to right, these will create a new Quad, new Sector and new Free Plane. Once created, the new layers join the bottom of the layer list.

See each Layer Type page for information about entering their data, and how to draw them.

Layer Groups

Layer groups also appear in the Layer Manager’s list, and are a way to manipulate many layers at once. For more information, see the page about Layer Groups.

Layer Properties

Layers (and Layer Groups) can have attributes applied from the Layer Manager by clicking the round, green toggle for each property. For information about the job roles of these properties, see the page about Layer Properties.

Importing and Exporting Layers

Using the last two buttons on the Layer Manager’s top bar, layers can be imported and exported as System Optimiser Layer Files.

Importing layers can be used to transfer geometry from Trimble Sketchup using the CODA Sketchup Plugin, or from existing System Optimiser files.

Exporting layers allows only the room geometry to be transferred into new System Optimiser files.

As with all Panels, the Layer Manager Panel can be resized and moved using Panel Drag & Drop, and ‘popped out’ into an additional System Optimiser window. The location of this Panel will be saved as part of the current View Mode.