Microphones (Panel)

Microphones Panel.

In the same way as measurement microphones can be used to determine a transfer function in real life, mics can do the same thing within System Optimiser. Mics placed within the 3D View show the complex summation of all loudspeaker sources within the 3D Scene that are currently unmuted.

Microphones are displayed in a list on the right-hand side of the Microphones Panel. Clicking the green ‘crosshairs’ allows a new microphone to be placed in the 3D View by clicking on a layer.

Clicking the red ‘bin’ will delete a microphone.

‘Expanding’ a microphone using the arrow in the microphones list allows for precise location input.

Smoothing for the graph can be adjusted using the drop-down list in the top-right of the Microphones Panel, as well as selecting the stimulus noise source for the calculation. The colour of the displayed traces will follow the global colour scheme, and will use a custom colour scheme if one is applied.

Microphones should not be confused with Probes, which show only the on-axis response of a selected source.

As with all Panels, the Microphones Panel can be resized and moved using Panel Drag & Drop, and ‘popped out’ into an additional System Optimiser window. The location of this Panel will be saved as part of the current View Mode.