Camera Positions

It is possible to store multiple camera positions within the 3D View Panel. This can aid in taking multiple screenshots of different loudspeaker system designs from the same position, and for simulating the view of the stage from various positions in the audience to check sightlines.

To store a new camera position, click the ‘Store Camera’ button in the bottom-left of the 3D View Panel. Stored camera positions are then added to the lower bar once given a name and confirming with the green ‘tick’. Removing a camera position can be done by right-clicking the position to be deleted and selecting ‘Delete’.


Taking screenshots can be done natively within System Optimiser.

Clicking the Camera icon in the top-right of the 3D View Panel (next to the SPL toggle) will take a screenshot of the current state of the 3D View. After specifying the desired resolution, and proceeding by clicking the green ‘tick’, a location for the image to be saved can be selected.