Rigging (View Mode)

Rigging View Mode.

The Rigging View Mode contains Panels not found anywhere else in System Optimiser, and is structured to give a clear overview of the rigging information from all of the sources within a system design.

This View Mode contains the following Panels:
  • Source List: Located on the left of the screen, this is a cut-down version of the Source Manager. Templates are displayed in this list, showing all variants of sources contained within the project. If, for example, an SVA Controller contains two hangs using the same template, then this will only be displayed in the Source List once as rigging information for both hangs is identical.

  • Detail View: Located in the centre of the screen, this is a cut-down version of the 3D View which focusses automatically on a model of the template selected, in free space. The camera orbits the model’s Centre of Gravity, indicated by the red point marker.

  • Topview: Located in the top-right of the screen, the Topview displays the pickpoint information as well as the physical dimentions of the selected template. Pickpoints are represented by the red point markers, and their coordinates are given for the purpose of a rigging markout. Additional essential information like ‘Bottom Height’ or ‘Bottom Angle’ is shown below. The ‘Stack/Hang’ dropdown menu can be used to switch between each source using the same template in order to access their coordinate information (For example, choosing between the left and the right hang of a stereo system).

  • Overview: Located in the bottom-right of the screen, the Overview displays a top-down render of the 3D View, scaled to fit all loudspeaker sources in the project into view.

Although some Panels in the Rigging View Mode cannot be closed, changes made will be restored next time it is selected, including the position of Panels, and those that have been ‘popped out’ into additional windows.