Add New Layer Group.

Layer Groups

Larger, or more complex 3D venues can comprise many layers. Layer Groups exist to allow these to be managed more effectively, as they can bring order and structure to the Layer Manager. Layer Groups can also have transformations applied to them, which in a hierarchal sense are applied to all the groups children. Layer Groups can contain either visual layers, and crucially, other groups.

Adding a Group

To add a Layer Group to the layers list simply press the add group button on the top bar of the Layer Manager, which is the icon in the shape of a folder with a ‘plus’ symbol within it. This will present a new controller where you can give the group a name to identify it. When this controller is dismissed, the group will exist in the layers list, with the distinguishing feature of an arrow to the left of it. Clicking the group within the layers list will expand and collapse the groups.


Transformations can be applied to Layer Groups using the group’s edit pencil.

Adding Layers to a Group

With a Layer Group already existing in the layers list, to assign a layer to the group, simply click the layer and drag it on to the group. The group, as the destination for the assignment, will turn green just prior to the assignment. The layer will now reposition itself under the group and will be indented slightly from the left.

Removing Layers from a Group

To remove a layer from a group that it is already assigned to, expand the group by clicking it, so the members are all visible. Click the layer in question and drag it to the top of the layers list, until such time as the background colour of the header turns green. Release the mouse, and the layer will no longer be a member of the group. The layer will now relocate to the bottom of the sources list.

Expanding and Collapsing Groups

Groups can be expanded or collapsed, to keep the layers list ‘clean’ and free of clutter. To do this, simply click the name of the group in the layers list, and all members will be collapsed. Repeat this process again, and all the members will be expanded.

Layer Groups.