Ear Height

Entering an Ear Height value.

The layers created within the Layer Manager are used to represent the real-world venue. The issue here is architecturally this is what is being measured with the laser rangefinder & inclinometer, or from the CAD file of the venue, however this is not where the actual audience are listening to the audio from the loudspeaker system. This is typically above the floor. It however is not a fixed value – for the audience may be standing or seating. The ear height parameter is therefore included on all ‘add’ or ‘edit’ layer controllers to enable the user to define at what height the pressure mapping should be considered. The default value for the ear height parameter is 1.7m, which is a typical number for standing audience members. If the audience are seated, then 1.2m may be more suitable.

Ear Height in the 3D View

Within the 3D View, Ear Height appears as a light-blue level above the drawn layer. This should be used as a visual aid for the aiming of loudspeaker systems, for example, with Throw Lines.