Importing and Exporting Sources

Importing and exporting Loudspeaker Source Files allows only the sources in the Source Manager to be transferred between projects.

This can be helpful for touring workflows, taking a ‘base’ configuration of sources and importing it into a separate venue for each show.

Importing Loudspeaker Source Files

Import Icon.

Open the Source Manager and click the fifth button (arrow pointing inwards) in the top bar. This will prompt a native OS window to allow a file to be selected.

Imported sources will be added to the bottom of the source list.

Exporting Loudspeaker Source Files

Export Icon.

Open the Source Manager and click the last button (arrow pointing outwards) in the top bar. This will open a selection window, allowing you to choose which sources are exported. Sources with a green ‘enabled’ button will be exported. Click this button to remove a source form the selection. Click the green ‘tick’ to confirm the selection. A native OS window will open to select a location for the file to be saved.