Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the SPL Mapping produce data seemingly very low?

The SPL Pressure calculation currently displays the 1W @ 1M sensitivity pressures (2.83V). Amplification factor and preset limiter values are not currently considered. This will come with amplifier integration that is in the pipeline; consider that one loudspeaker can be driven by multiple types of CODA amplifier. Different types of amplifier have different power ratings. Different loudspeakers have different power handling characteristics. It is possible to link different amounts of cabinets on an amplifier channel. All of these different aspects plus more will be considered in the application of SPL calculations.

Can I have “Speaker X” included in System Optimiser?

Eventually, yes. They will come in good time, but for the time being we are focusing on creating the actual application itself, not the data within it. If you have an urgent need for a particular loudspeaker for inclusion, we kindly ask you to contact the System Optimiser team.

We will then consider these requests, but obviously cannot guarantee all cases can be fulfilled in a timely manner, as once again, our prime focus is on the development of the application.

Why is the Safety Factor not shown?

The safety factor is currently being calculated by System Optimiser, but as System Optimiser is in Beta, and until such time as it has been more stringently verified, we have removed this from the beta build. With safety in mind, please continue to use the loading capacity calculator spreadsheets found on the CODA Audio website until this information has been fully tested and verified.

Why do negative pickpoint loads not result in a warning or error?

The loading calculations are all part of the safety factor implementation. This is flat-out disabled in the Beta as mentioned above.

Will files I create in this version of the Beta work in future versions?

We cannot assure you that this is the case due to the nature of Beta software, but we believe there is a strong likelihood of this being true. If there are any known breaking changes to these data files and we can write a module in the software to import these older files, we will, but due to the nature of software development, this question cannot be categorically answered unfortunately.

Why does the software crash when I do..?

It shouldn’t! Please let us know, providing as much information as possible to enable us to reproduce this crash. We would like to know the steps that were taken, together with details of your computer & the operating system installed. Please do give us this information promptly as soon as it happens, so we can fix it.