SPL Rendering

SPL Mapping can be enabled and disabled from the SPL Toggle control in the top-right of the 3D View. The 3D View displays multi-layer mapping, meaning all frequency bands are calculated at once. Selecting a different bandwidth to view will not require recalculation.

To change the mapped bandwidth, use the drop-down boxes next to the SPL Toggle. To change the Colour Map, open the Application Settings.

With default settings, the absolute maximum sound pressure attainable without compromising overall dynamics (i.e. pushing any loudspeaker into its limiter) is shown. This can be adjusted in the Maximum SPL / Headroom Panel Panel. For more information about maximum SPL calculation, please refer to Maximum SPL. Shown levels are RMS levels by default. This can be changed in the Preferences.

A highly complex acoustical model is utilised for pressure mapping. Its details can be found in the Background to the Application section.