Preferred Units (Settings)

Preferred Unit Settings.

The measurements and values within System Optimiser conform to a unit system which can be globally adjusted within the settings below. There is a preset field for changing them quickly, with the option of creating a custom ‘user’ dataset that can comprise of mixed units.

It should be noted that on all data input boxes within the application, the individual units can be overridden simply by clicking them and choosing an alternative.


There are three presets to choose from:

  • Metric – The metric system is used for the units below.

  • Imperial – The imperial system is used for the units below.

  • Custom – A custom dataset is possible, with mixed unit systems.


Four choices of length unit can be selected:

  • Metre

  • Centimetre

  • Inch

  • Feet


Three choices of temperature unit can be selected:

  • Celsius

  • Kelvin

  • Fahrenheit


Three choices of weight unit can be selected:

  • Kilogram

  • Ton

  • Pound


Once choice of angle unit can be selected:

  • Degree


Two choices of time unit can be selected:

  • Millisecond

  • Second