Control Groups (Panel)

Control Groups Panel.

Control Groups simulate the tuning tools found in LINUS Control, CODA’s Amplifier Control software, providing a convenient method for applying electronic filters to more than one source concurrently. Imagine for instance, there is a line array flown, with a stack of subwoofers below it. Should you wish to apply an identical PEQ to both of them, the easiest way to do this would be to assign both the line array and the subwoofers to the same control group, then apply the PEQ here. This PEQ would then be applied identically to both the line array and the subwoofers.

There are 6x Control Groups provided for this, which follow the global colour scheme, and will use a custom colour scheme should one be applied.

Control Groups give access to the tuning filters, however only contain relative filters (not absolute filters such as ‘Array’ or ‘Sizing’). A source can be a member of one Control Group, and the parameters defined within the control group will be added to that of the parameters defined within the source controller.

Assigning Sources to Control Groups

Sources can be assigned to, and removed from, Control Groups by clicking the Control Group’s square identifying colour in the Source Properties List.

Muting a Control Group

There is a mute button for each Control Group, to the right of the square identifying colour. Pressing this, so that it lights up in red will mute all loudspeakers that are assigned to the Control Group, both in terms of pressure mapping, and in terms of contribution to the Microphones. The Probes will not be affected by the operation of the mute button.

Editing a Control Group

Clicking the green ‘edit pencil’ will open the Control Group’s controller. This gives access to the tuning filters.

As with all Panels, the Control Groups Panel can be resized and moved using Panel Drag & Drop, and ‘popped out’ into an additional System Optimiser window. The location of this Panel will be saved as part of the current View Mode.