Probes (Panel)

Probes Panel.

The Probes Panel is a frequency response graph which displays an on-axis measurement from each loudspeaker in a selected array which is hitting an audience layer. To select an array, click it within the 3D View, or click it in the sources list in the Source Manager.

Probes can be thought of as measurements that are automatically generated at the intersection point of the selected loudspeaker’s throw line on its main emission axis and the audience ear height within the 3D View. The location of the probes are automatically updated as the loudspeaker’s position and angles are adjusted. The probes are most useful for choosing the angles of a line array, in that the frequency response for the entire array can be seen in one view quickly, without having to place multiple measurement microphones within the 3D View.

Smoothing for the graph can be adjusted using the drop-down list in the top-right of the Probes Panel. The colour of the displayed traces will follow the global colour scheme, and will use a custom colour scheme if one is applied.

Probes do not show any interaction, only the selected source, and should not be confused with Microphones. Probes are not calculated for loudspeakers which do not hit audience layers, meaning Probe #1 in the list is not always the top loudspeaker. Use Throw Lines to check in the 3D View.

As with all Panels, the Probes Panel can be resized and moved using Panel Drag & Drop, and ‘popped out’ into an additional System Optimiser window. The location of this Panel will be saved as part of the current View Mode.